How To Achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness Webinar

With Ricky Mendez, April 14th 5:00 pm PST

A FREE Mastermind that can change your life! Unlock your hidden health, wealth and happiness!

In This Webinar You Will Learn How To Achieve Health, Wealth, and Happiness


Don't be the richest person in the graveyard

  • Learn why you should never drink bottled pH water again!
  • Why the number 7.36 is the most important number in your body.
  • How to melt fat from your body.
  • Discover the greatest antioxidant on the planet.
  • Create more ENERGY in your life.


It Takes Money to Make Money... It just doesn't have to be your money.

  • Learn to leverage money to create wealth
  • How to increase your credit score 30-100 points
  • The difference between credit score and credit profile
  • If it makes you money it costs nothing!


Is your network lifting you up?

  • How your income is determined by who you hang out with.
  • Learn the tricks of networking with billionaires
  • Create a 7 figure network
  • How to collaborate with entrepreneurs to make a real difference in the world.

Ricky on stage at THRIVE: Make Money Matter

See what these global billionaires and entrepreneurs say about Ricky

Dave Meltzer

International Best Selling Author | Business Coach | Speaker

Tom Bilyeu

Co-Founder Quest Nutrition| Co-founder Impact Theory

Les Brown & Tom Bilyeu

World Renowned Motivational Speaker | Coach | Best-Selling Author

Cole Hatter

Founder of THRIVE: Make Money Matter | Investor | Entrepreneur

Marshall Faulk

NFL Hall of Famer | Entrepreneur | Investor

John Assaraf

Founder & CEO, Neurogym | Top Mindset Expert

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I'm Ricky

For years I struggled with stubborn extra fat that I couldn't seem to get rid of. It wasn't until I learned about the effects of an acidic diet on the body that it all changed.

By drinking truly alkaline ionized water and changing my diet I was finally able to lose that pesky weight.

Water is everything and you'll want to know how this can help you relieve inflammation and acidosis which is the origin of all disease, discomfort and affliction in your body.

It's truly amazing what our body will do and how it can transform when we treat it well and properly hydrate.

Webinar Limited To 100 Attendees

Once the seats are gone, registration will close.

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